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Lime Mortar Pointing


Contact Stormguard Building & Roofing for professional lime mortar services that include brickwork, pointing, repointing and more.  Located in Cambridge and surrounding areas, you can obtain our services at reasonable prices, just call to find out more.

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If you need a specialist to ensure the brickwork on your property is well maintained and won't cost you a fortune in repairs, then get in touch with Stormguard Building & Roofing now.  Our lime mortar pointing and brickwork services are available at affordable prices throughout Cambridge and surrounding areas. Take a look at what we can offer you today.

Bricklaying using grey and orange gloves


At Stormguard Building & Roofing , we have been providing excellent brick laying for domestic and commercial properties, for years. Our bricklayers can enhance the beauty of the exterior of your home with beautiful and long-lasting garden walls. 


Have you noticed cracks or unsightly holes on the walls of your residential or commercial property? We're here to help you. Our bricklayers can re-point and repair damaged bricks.

Lime mortar pointing on wall


As with most materials, over time mortar will face decay and erosion. Choosing lime mortar repointing by Stormguard Building & Roofing will ensure that your mortar will stand the best chance of lasting for years to come. 


To ensure a consistent finish, we will properly assess the existing materials so that we can either find the same material, or as near as possible. We take extra care to ensure that the mortar will look consistent and blend in with the overall character of the building. 


Why we recommend lime mortar pointing:

There are many reasons why we at Stormguard Building & Roofing think that lime mortar pointing is so good and why we highly recommend having it done on your own home. By now you can already judge for yourself how much better lime looks based off of the picture above. But if you are not going for looks and just want durability then lime is also the way to go, as proven in history as it was used in some parts of the great wall of china which still stands today. By choosing lime you will also by lowering your carbon footprint had you chosen a different material such as cement.

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Looking for builders who can help with brickwork, repointing, wall repairs and lime mortar services in Cambridgeshire?  If so, contact us today on for more information and a competitive quote.

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